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  • A 'Fight Club' Letter to My Kids by Lindsey Murphy

    Jun 23, 2020 | 18:18 pm

    A 'Fight Club' Letter to My Kids by Lindsey Murphy Some of the best writing you'll ever read comes from an author who writes for his (or her) own children.William Paul Young wrote The Shack as Christmas gift for his kids. He intended nobody else to read it, but a friend found it on the Young's kitchen countertop and picked it up to read. The rest is history.Whitaker Chambers wrote the classic work Witness for his own children, but the entire western world has benefited from it.Great literature springs from the heart of a parent who desires the best for his (or her) kids. Lindsey Murphy is a writer, educator, and[…]

  • Training for Peace Officers, Not Law Enforcement

    Jun 18, 2020 | 05:46 am

    Training for Peace Officers, Not Law Enforcement Throughout the 1800's all the way into the decade of the 1960s, "peace officer" was the term most often in America to refer to sheriffs, constables, troopers, marshals, and any officer of the state or nation responsible for upholding the law.Today the old moniker of "peace officer" has been almost eliminated in popular usage, replaced by “police officer” or even the more prevalent “law enforcement officer.”Sheriff Andy Taylor of The Andy Griffith Show is perhaps the best example of what it once meant, at least to most Americans, to be a peace officer. Of course, the Andy Griffith show was fictional,[…]

  • Communism vs. Christianity and USA Revolution

    Jun 17, 2020 | 07:09 am

    Communism vs. Christianity and USA Revolution Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, gave a speech a decade ago where he outlined the intent of the Communist Party in America."We desire to radically transform the United States toward the goal of revolution and the final aim of communism." Effective tactics always require an expressed target. The target of the Communist Party is Communism in the United States. The tactic is a revolution.In 2020, we see their tactics at work.Karl Marx (1818-1883), the founder of modern Communism, insisted that the dominant capitalist society can only be torn down when people en masse destroy the social, economic,[…]

  • Two Reasons I'm a Christian Identifying as Baptist

    Jun 10, 2020 | 08:55 am

    Two Reasons I'm a Christian Identifying as Baptist In the year 1644, nearly 400 years ago, several Baptist pastors and churches came together in London, England to issue a Confession of Faith.A confession of faith is a written document that declares what a particular sect of Christianity believes.These 17th-century London Baptists wished to disassociate themselves from the continental Anabaptists, desiring the British Anglican establishment of church and state to know that London Baptists were not continental Anabaptists.In the title of their confession, a confession which became known as the 1644 London Confession of Faith (also called The First London Confession) these Baptists write: "(we) are those CHURCHES which are  commonly (though falsely)  called ANABAPTISTS." The belief that[…]

  • The Reason I Happily Participate in a Protest March

    Jun 5, 2020 | 11:28 am

    The Reason I Happily Participate in a Protest March Why is it that disagreements in politics, theology, current events, and other issues often (not always) result in anger, hostility, name-calling, and relational separation?That's a question that deserves a thoughtful answer. It seems that the messenger is attacked when the message is uncomfortable, embarrassing, or in the hearers' minds, harmful.All of us have seen this or have experienced it, but hopefully, we don't partake in it.Attacking a person for speaking, writing, or defending things that you don't believe to be true is a sign of immaturity.Free speech must be cherished and protected for a society to be civilized and progressive. You may not[…]

  • A Word of Encouragement for You on a Hump Day

    Jun 3, 2020 | 05:04 am

    A Word of Encouragement for You on a Hump Day There is no greater pain than when we hurt, plead with God for relief, and find heaven remaining quiet.Let's be honest.As Christians, there is no more bitter experience than facing a monumental trial that seems destined to do us in, and when we ask God for relief, He seems deaf to our cries.As adopted children of the King, nothing is scarier or more disconcerting than to believe the Throne Room is locked, keeping Him from hearing us in our time of need.  All of us have been there.There is a day for all of us when God seems not to hear our cries.When that happens, no matter when that day occurs, it's a tough[…]

  • Switzerland Is a Model During These Days of Rage

    Jun 2, 2020 | 14:17 pm

    Switzerland Is a Model During These Days of Rage American citizens defending Natural RightsThe United States turns into a nation of crime at night.By day, protestors are peacefully marching for needed change in our country. I'm for them. I'm doing all I can to empathize with the protestors and to listen carefully to their concerns. I'm also acting in our community to bring about racial reconciliation and needed changeBut the night rioters are a different matter.The rioters and looters who are destroying property and lives across America should be shot in the act.No exceptions. I realize that those destroying lives and property during this 2020 America uprising often justify their[…]

  • The Great Riches of Obeying God's Call on My Life

    May 29, 2020 | 07:29 am

    The Great Riches of Obeying God's Call on My Life Egyptian King Tut's Gold Death MaskWe are living in a day when most Americans are concerned about how much money they don't have, and other Americans greatly concerned about how to keep the wealth they've accumulated. Moses illustrates what it's like for a person to follow God and His will for our lives, deeming God and His call greater riches than all the treasures of this world.Born 1400 years before Christ, the infant Moses was placed in a basket of bulrushes by his Hebrew parents and set afloat down the Nile River.The Pharaoh of Egypt had ordered all Hebrew boys killed[…]

  • The Charge of Murder Is Needed in the Floyd Case

    May 27, 2020 | 07:57 am

    The Charge of Murder Is Needed in the Floyd Case George FloydThree caveats before a statement on George Floyd's death:1. I am pro-law enforcement.2. I believe that due process is a constitutional right.3. Riots help nobody's cause.Statement: The police officer who killed George Floyd ought to be charged with murder. Whether the police officer is convicted or not is a different issue. I'm only speaking of a prosecutor's responsibility.For the sake of all humanity, American civility, and our just society, the CHARGE of murder is necessary, not manslaughter, because the officer knew George personally.Prayers for all involved

  • The History of Female Native American Education and Northeastern Oklahoma State University

    May 26, 2020 | 17:08 pm

    The History of Female Native American Education and Northeastern Oklahoma State University Seminary Hall, Northeastern Oklahoma State University'The Trail of Tears' (1838-1839) culminated in the relocation of over 20,000 Cherokee Indians from Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina to Northeastern Oklahoma. Estimates are that 4,000 Cherokee men, women and children died during The Trail of Tears.Upon settling in Oklahoma at an area called Park Hill, just outside of the present day city of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the Cherokee Indians began to rebuild their nation.Within a decade of arriving in Oklahoma, around the same time the Southern Baptist Convention was being formed, the Cherokee people - with the help of missionary Samuel Worcester who came with the[…]