• What Is Truth? Is Truth Objective or Subjective?

    Aug 16, 2017 | 11:57 am

    köp Viagra 120 mg visum The video below is the testimony of a 52-year-old man who "identifies" as a six-year-old girl. He first declared to his family his identity as a female, but in time, he came to "identify" himself as a six-year-old girl, seeking adoption by parents so he could live with sibling sisters who were actually 8 and 9 years old.You can't make this up. It's the culture in which we now live. In the You Tube comment stream of this video a person sarcastically asked, "I'm a 16-year-old who identifies as a 65-year-old man. Can I get my Social Security check now?"We[…]

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  • The Principles of Grace and Effective Leadership

    Aug 10, 2017 | 11:05 am

    tasse guadagni opzioni binarie The Principles of Grace and Effective Leadership Maybe you've heard the phrase, "Don't be so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good." I understand the sentiment behind that aphorism, but the longer I live, the more I believe that earthly good only comes from people who are heavenly minded.Let me illustrate.Some wrongly think that the principles of God's grace to sinners in Jesus Christ are truths for another world, another time. The world's best leaders, they say, have no need for understanding what it means to be completely forgiven, totally accepted, unconditionally blessed, and eternally loved by their Creator. This kind of thinking is wrong.The most[…]

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  • Henry Stanley's Life of Idealism and Self-Sacrifice

    Aug 8, 2017 | 15:07 pm

    traderxp Henry Stanley's Life of Idealism and Self-Sacrifice I have recently become infatuated with the story of Henry Morton Stanley, the reporter who searched the heart of Africa and found the long-lost African missionary David Livingstone. Upon finding Livingstone on November 10, 1871, Stanley allegedly uttered the immortal words, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"I've written on Henry Stanley before, and I am currently reading everything Stanley wrote and every book I can get my hands on that has been written about him. One of the things that strikes me about Henry Stanley is his willingness to live a sacrificial and idealistic life, laying aside temporal pleasures for what he believed[…]

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  • The Best Police Officers Are In Fact Peace Officers

    Aug 3, 2017 | 06:25 am

    indikator binäre optionen The Best Police Officers Are In Fact Peace Officers Throughout the 1800's all the way into the decade of the 1960's, "peace officer" was the term most often in America to refer to sheriffs, constables, troopers, marshals and any officer of the state or nation responsible for upholding the law. Today the old moniker of "peace officer" has been almost eliminated in popular usage, replaced by “police officer” or even “law enforcement officer.”Sheriff Andy Taylor of the Andy Griffith Show is perhaps the best  example of what it once meant, at least to most Americans, to be a peace officer. Of course the Andy Griffith show was fictional, but[…]

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  • Mike Huckabee, Don't Repeal the 17th Amendment

    Jul 29, 2017 | 11:28 am

    binäre optionen cfd Mike Huckabee, Don't Repeal the 17th Amendment I normally find Gov. Mike Huckabee a thoughtful politician. However, when the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare this week, Huckabee came out and advocated the repeal of the 17th Amendment. Most American's don't even know that the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913 and established the popular election of senators. Previously, senators were elected by state legislatures.When some people began responding negatively to Huckabee's suggestion, the former Governor of Arkansas responded on Twitter:"Ignorance of history of 17th Amendment is revealed by response to my earlier Tweet. Direct election of Senate is major cause of #swamp."I might offer that Gov. Huckabee[…]

  • Is It Condemnation, Compassion, or Celebration?

    Jul 28, 2017 | 07:15 am

    binäre optionen positive erfahrungen Is It Condemnation, Compassion, or Celebration? Last night on television I saw contestants at an Oklahoma transgender beauty pageant interviewed by a reporter regarding their feelings on the President's ban of transgenders serving in the military. Recently, I spoke to a crowd in Enid where two married lesbians held hands and sat on the front row. Behind them, a transgendered female turned male sat with (his) girlfriend. In the room there were also a few "couples" who lived together and deemed themselves "companions for life," but they did not wish to get "married" in the traditional sense. I also knew of a person or two in[…]

  • Did God Allow Many Wives in the Old Testament?

    Jul 18, 2017 | 14:54 pm

    come lavorare su tradin on line Did God Allow Many Wives in the Old Testament? Several prominent men in the Old Testament were polygamists. Abraham (Genesis 25:1), Jacob (Genesis 30:14-15), David (2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9),  Solomon (1 Kings 11:3), and others all took for themselves many wives. King Solomon,  the man the Bible calls "wiser than all men" (I Kings 4:31), took for himself "700 wives and 300 concubines." His son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines.Invariably during a Bible study of a book from the Old Testament, someone will ask me a question about polygamy. Any casual reading of  Old Testament Scriptures (Genesis through Malachi) seems to leave the impression that a man[…]

  • Death Is Normal but Immortality Is a Gift from God

    Jul 13, 2017 | 10:48 am

    trade rush Death Is Normal but Immortality Is a Gift from God Is it natural for plants to die? Is it part of the normal life-cycle of God's creation for animals to die as well? What about humans? Does the "circle of life" mean death is the natural and expected end for everything God creates?Christians like Martin Luther and N.T. Wright have taught that the Biblical answers to the above questions are "Yes." All life, they would say, is like a circle that goes around in a constant loop. Plants, animals, and people are constantly being born and are all ultimately experiencing death. That's natural; it's nature. Plants die, giving life to[…]

  • The Torah of Sinai Is a Law Never Intended for Us

    Jul 10, 2017 | 07:00 am

    opcje binarne krok po kroku The Torah of Sinai Is a Law Never Intended for Us I recently came across one of the best explanations for why Jesus followers are under a New Covenant, and why our lives are never ruled by Old Testament law (e.g. The Torah). Ironically, this explanation came from a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ. Eitan Bar is the Director of Media and Evangelism for One for Israel, the largest Israeli Messianic Jewish ministry in the world. Eitan and the staff at One for Israel are often asked the questions: "Are Christians under the Sinai Law? What should be the Christian's stance regarding the Torah?" (e.g. "the books of Moses," or the first five books[…]

  • Old Covenant Thinking Drives You Away from God

    Jul 7, 2017 | 10:31 am

    binäre optionen handeln demo Old Covenant Thinking Drives You Away from God Today I received an email from a high power attorney in another state, who belongs to a large Southern Baptist Church. He is reading Radically New, and he emailed me the following:"I have been transformed by reading your writings concerning New Covenant thinking. At my former church, I felt guilty over not tithing. Now I feel freed to give freely without guilt. In fact, I have given more than I have ever given.In my former church, 2 Chronicles 7:14 and other "If... then" verses were quoted to get us to do things for God. In my opinion, Old Covenant thinking causes bitterness[…]


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