Thursday, 31 October 1991 00:00

A License You Will Never Have

Jude 4 (KJV)

For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

We read in our text that people have secretly slipped into the church, turning the grace of God into "licentiousness." Licentiousness literally means "a license to sin." (A definition of sin would be "an offense in the sight of God"). These people say, "God graciously forgives sin. The more I sin, the more He loves to forgive. In fact He loves to forgive more than He hates sin. Therefore, I need not concern myself with sin because God is ready and willing to forgive me of my sin!" This kind of thinking is deadly for the Bible says God never grants a license to sin.

  1. Who are these "ungodly" people?
    The evidence of salvation is faith in Christ and repentance of sin. The sign of reprobation is a love for sin and self and a denial of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and God the Father.
    1. These "ungodly people" pretend to be Christian... "crept in unawares."
      They are secret in their designs. They don't wear a button or a tag saying, "I am not listening to or obeying God!" They hide, cover, and deceive. They are secretive.
    2. These "ungodly people" do not blush at sin... "denying the Lord God."
      They may "know" the truth. They may "know" what is right. But there is no desire to obey the Lord. Rather when immorality presents itself there is only pleasure.
    3. These "ungodly people" feign repentance... "denying the Lord Jesus Christ."
      They will walk an aisle, make a decision, voice repentance, but when it comes to a daily walk with Jesus Christ, they avoid any Lordship and deny Him as their God.
  2. Where are these "ungodly" people?
    They are "in" the church for the Bible says they have "crept in secretly." This indicates that our battle is not against the world or those outside the church but we contend with those in it!
    1. Jesus said it would be like this... (Matthew 13:24-30).
      For all of you who have a utopian view of the church, allow the Scripture to bring you back into reality. God allows the tares to be sown in His field. There's no perfect church.
    2. Experience shows it to be like this... (The church in Corinth, Ephesus, Enid, etc. . .)
      This auditorium very possibly contains a dozen or more "godless" people this morning. All of us should examine our hearts to see whether we be in the faith, making our calling and election sure. This text should cause us all to tremble in God's presence.
  3. Why are these people "ungodly"?
    They deny the Lordship of Christ. They have no desire to follow Jesus and His will. Does this take God by surprise? Is He pleading with them to change, hoping they will?
    1. These "ungodly people" are condemned... "ordained of old to condemnation."
      Who is doing the ordaining? It is God. Who is doing the condemnation? It is God. Why would God choose to condemn people? For the praise of His holiness and wrath. These "godless people" do not surprise God, and in fact, this text indicates that God has a purpose for them. He allows them to sneak into the church in order to condemn.
    2. These "ungodly people" are reminders... that if it weren't for God, we are they. You will never appreciate God's transforming grace till you comprehend His judicial wrath!

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